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Black Friday

Make the most of Black Friday with Teverun: Cheap electric scooters not to be missed!

Black Friday 2023 is finally here!? It's the perfect time for anyone on the lookout for incredible deals on Teverun electric scooters! Have you been dreaming of taking the plunge and buying a practical, eco-friendly and affordable means of electric mobility? Then you've come to the right place.

A cousin of Dualtron, the Teverun brand from Minimotors is a guarantee of quality and reliability, values of durability and innovation that we proudly advocate. Teverun is a top-of-the-range brand, all the more reason to take advantage of our exceptional promotional offers!

Great offers on our Teverun BLADE and FIGHTER electric scooters

Our site is full of treasures for thrill-seekers. Among our flagship products, discover our Teverun BLADE and FIGHTER electric scooters. Monsters of power, Teverun electric scooters have energy to spare. Built for adventure, their motors and batteries will surprise you. What's more, their modern, even futuristic design is sure to win you over.

And don't forget to check out our new models: the Teverun Fighter Supreme (with a motor power of 2 x 4000 W) and the more accessible and affordable Blade Mini and Blade Mini Pro!

A unique opportunity not to be missed

Black Friday at Teverun is your chance to treat yourself to a quality electric scooter at a reduced price. Don't miss this golden opportunity to equip yourself with a modern and environmentally-friendly means of transport at a lower cost. Hurry over to our website to discover all our Black Friday offers and join the electric mobility community with Teverun!

See you soon on Teverun!

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